Analysis of Views of Sex to Different Genders

Men and women have never had equal treatment regarding sex. When men have sex it is viewed as an accomplishment. When women have sex they are viewed as a whore. It is an unfair double standard. Unfortunately even though this was the case of the 19th century, it is still the case today.

They are many examples of this in modern day society. The playboy mansion is a good one. The playboy bunnies aren’t viewed badly but they are viewed as objects of desire and lust. They aren’t viewed or respected as individuals. Hugh Hefner on the other hand however is viewed as the “coolest guy ever” and “living the dream”.

The Goblin Market demonstrates the point rather well. The goblins fruit or “sex” is an object of desire but it told not to partake in it. When the sister is forced to eat the fruit or “raped”, the goblins are not punished for such an act. The sister barely even reacts to it even though she clearly doesn’t want it. It is as if she doesn’t want to anger the goblin.

The point is women still are not treated on a level playing field when it comes to sex. The ideas and views regarding sex should be changed on both sides though. A woman having sex with the person she loves shouldn’t make her labeled a whore and a man having sex with as many women as he can shouldn’t make him cool. The views on sex have not changed much since the 19th century and that is a problem.


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