The best of the Newtonians

The main focus of this blog was science and technology of the victorian era. While it can sometimes be difficult to connect pieces of literature and art, I feel that we did a good job. These are our best works in no particular order.

This piece really showed our ability to connect the scientific world with the world of art and literature. It discusses Didero’s views on what people place value on, and why they place value on it.

This piece does a great job analyzing the Ruined Maid, and especially focusing on the new focus of the women as objects rather then as people. It goes into great detail about how this change in view has ruined the girls.

In The Morality to Despise our author discusses how one’s up bringing can have powerful effects on how we perceive others both positively and negatively. She clearly goes into how Mr. Bellingham’s relationship with Ruth is constantly darkened by the morality of his up bringing.

Our final piece is about The resistance to change. In this piece our author discusses the fear people have when things around them change, and how that can cause them to strike out against the change, and those who change.


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