Technology to FInd Love and “The Harlot’s House”

The Harlot’s House deals with a man walking with his love when they come across a harlot’s house. When the man sees it he starts to describe it with very unflattering terms. Most of them he says having to do with death. He describes the people inside as ghostly dancer, slim silhouetted skeletons, phantoms, and puppets. It is clear that his view on the harlot house isn’t a very good one. He says the people try to sing and that they’re laughter is thin and shrill. He refers it to a house of lust. But then as they pass, his lover decides to enter the harlot’s house. This has been an issue in society for a long time and still is one. The power of lust over love is a strong one. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish love over lust when you meet someone and this can be the demise of any relationship. Is it love you have with this person or lust? Science and technology believe it or not has made a huge impact on this issue though. Through the internet, people are able to connect with each other in order to find a partner. The people who use these dating sites are able to find one another based on compatibility, interests, and goals. The people do not find potential partners based off of superficial aspects and lust.


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